Sohjoa Baltic - Bringing autonomous and eco-friendly public transportation into cities

Post date: Nov 9, 2017 10:26:12 AM

Glad to be part of Sohjoa Baltic, an Interreg EU-funded project that aims to facilitate the transition to autonomous and eco-friendly public transport in the cities around the Baltic Sea. Sohjoa Baltic researches, promotes and pilots automated driverless electric minibuses as part of the public transport chain, especially for the first/last mile connectivity. The project brings knowledge and competence on organizing environmentally friendly and smart automated public transport. It also provides guidelines on legal and organizational setup needed for running such a service in an efficient way. Sohjoa Baltic projects brings autonomous small buses to drive demo routes in six Baltic Sea Region cities in the following years. The project involves 13 partners across 8 countries. Chalmers will, among other things, contribute with knowledge of vehicle engineering, autonomous technical development, intelligent cooperative driving behavior and risk analysis.

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